Accessibility in Computer Science

During January 23-24, 2015, I attended an AccessComputing meeting (Alliance for Access to Computing Careers) that focused on ways to increase participation of students with disabilities in computing courses. As an educator, it was a useful meeting where I learned not only about the importance of focusing on meeting the needs of EVERY student, but also about the useful resources AccessComputing provides for CS educators. Richard Ladner, who leads the alliance makes a strong argument for why we should support all students stating, “when more citizens have access to computing opportunities, and when computing fields are enhanced by the perspectives of people with disabilities, we all benefit.”

AccessComputing offers a number of resources and tools that educators could incorporate in their classrooms. The website has resources on how to web pages accessible by following these 30 accessibility tips and how to apply the principles of universal design to make sure computing facilities are accessible. If you have students who need accommodations in your classroom, visit AccessComputing accommodations section to “find tools and resources for assessing the accessibility of your lab or department and developing accommodation strategies”. Another useful resources is the knowledge base, where you can learn about specific disability related issues.



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About Aman Yadav

Dr. Aman Yadav is an Associate Professor and co-director of the Masters in Educational Technology program at at Michigan State University. He works on issues around computational thinking, computer science education, and problem-based learning in K-16 classrooms. Over the last decade, Aman has led professional development workshops at the national and international level to engage teachers in embedding computing ideas and technology in the classrooms. Aman serves on the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) board of directors. Follow him on twitter at yadavaman